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Caitlin Beale Coaching101

Ballet Roots

Ballet, and much of dance is a sport. The marriage between Athlete and Artist is complex, possessing facets within facets. "Diamonds are limitless in the shapes and angles they produce. In the process of refinement, the mystery and intrigue move into more clarity than the view before." 
Quote; Caitlin Beale

About the Coach

Caitlin started dancing when she was three years old, but only pursued Ballet after attending National Ballets Summer Program at 15. Till the age of 16, Caitlin studied a variety of dance styles at recreational studios all over BC. Her other studies include; Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary and Irish Dancing, as well as some training in Competitive Figure Skating.


Caitlin continued her pursuit of Ballet by auditioning for many of Canada’s finest Ballet schools. She has trained at Alberta Ballet, under the tutelage, of Nancy and Murry Kilgour as well as Karien Averty an retired Principle Dancer with the Paris Opera Ballet. She has also obtained a Diploma for Elite Post-Secondary Ballet Training Program from Victoria Academy Ballet. Along with training herself, Caitlin also taught Ballet in local studios on Vancouver Island; and was a Company Member with Ballet Etoile Canada for two years. Caitlin has been invited to attend International Ballet Competitions in New York, and represented Canada in the 2016 IBC Varna Ballet Olympics, as well as being invited to audition for companies in Austria. Caitlin is a Certified Teacher through CDTA, also completing her Certification for Personal Training, and long term pursuing an Undergrad in Criminology, along with recently being a featured dancer in issue two of Dance Feature Magazine in the US.  Caitlin dedicates herself to a high level of excellence and mastery in all her passions.

_Just because your doing a lot more, doe

"There's always a way to pursue one's passion; a little digging & upstream swimming never hurt anyone."

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Opening Hours

Come Visit

Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm
Sat: 10am - 2pm
Sun: Closed


1537 92nd Avenue, Dawson Creek, BC


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