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Heart & Home

I took an unplanned week off from blogging.... but ended up learning and resolving in equally unplanned ways. Sometimes issues of the heart and mind are put to rest in subtle ways, not like the big "kaboom" we imagine it to be. In these moments of time and space great depth and clearer vision of the surface are gleaned.

Plainly stated, I've come home. Direct separation or one that is synthetically placed... upon return our feet are encompassed in air. Density that holds Gravity; pulls objects in and yet, allows them to float freely. The air never leaves my side no matter what direction I choose to travel, it forever holds my heart. One can hold another's heart, but nothing is truly held until it is given over willingly by the beholder.

A heart cannot be held by a subject of study or passion... only momentarily captivated by the inspiration in stirs in us. I have been caviler with my heart and mind... prostituting it out in exchange for a lesser pay out of society acceptance. Only by acknowledging my deepest desires has this truth been brought out from the shadows.

For another to "prostitute" a heart out to the world, is not to say its of no value.... no, more appropriately it states that, "sold to the lowest & first bidder." Allowing another to create your markets worth is likened unto selling your soul to the Devil. But what face is looking back at us through the other side.

What face do you see?

Written by

Caitlin Beale

When I look for direction and purpose, do I gaze upon the stars  for my answers; or do I cast my gaze unto the one who made those stars?

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