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In the Blink of an Eye?

"Life changes in the blink of an eye."

Its hard to go through life without hearing that statement at least.... several dozen times.

I'm going to sound very introspective for the next five minutes... so walk with me down said rabbit trail. Or "wabbit trail, as my Dad now says... since he tricked me into eating rabbit meat lol. Since I didn't know the following fact off the top of my head, I decided to embrace another commonly used phrase, "I'll just Google it!"

The blink of an eye, the following is scientific fact. The average person blinks 15-20 times per minute. That's up to 1,200 times per hour and an astounding 28,800 times a day! Now, being a learner of many different ways, and as one who puts facts to the test of "Personal Trial & Error." I cam to the surprising conclusion.... that I probably blinked 20 times in the span of 1 minute.

So does this mean that my life changed 20 times over... in that one minute? No, it didn't. But there have been recent events that leave my perspective on 1 minute altered... even those seconds and milliseconds. If I take the number 28,800, and apply it to all the moments throughout a day I allow fear, acceptance and fame from others paralyze me in my tracks. Now putting that philosophical equation through the formula of recent events in my life, the answer is this.

Electrical waves shocking my limp body, lying dormant on a gurney... anchored in water.

The ability to comprehend the value of life, and seeing it alongside all the fears, jealousies and acceptance... changed in the blink of an eye. My heart is now altered, being now able to tangibly see the value in 1 minute. Inside that growth, our worldly words don't yield a proper description. But its known in the form of a tear, rich in potency... as is the blue flame seen only by the eyes of the beholder in kind.

For with each passing minute, we choose to move, grow and be altered. But growth and change of one's perspective comes not by force. Each of us is given equal opportunity... but only the brown & white wings of those found on Eagle's will fly on wards in knowledge of whats to come. With each flap of their wings are they made to see the journey through.

Dedicated: Grannie & Grandpa Beale

and Bestefar (Grandpa Fredriksen)

Written by:

Caitlin Beale

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