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Relationship with Ballet

The Arts Community leaves us spiraling in a thousand directions, unforgiving in the presence of what they define as failure and or weakness. This community isn't alone, and truly, I'm only alluding to a handful of issues, propagated by a Society living in the false security of acceptance and accomplishment.

I've likened Ballet to a type, a stereotype of sorts if you will.... through my relationship with Ballet I find it to be narcissistic in its presentation. As how we pet a dog on the head to show our love and appreciation for it, so does Ballet. But surprise! Unlike a dog, who is very clearly owned by their Master, Ballet falsifies this by allowing you to believe you have free expression; Artistically & Intellectually and in my personal experience, Spiritually. Now, I probably sound like a "Negative Nellie," I've learned many valuable lessons through this relationship, as we do even in abusive, person to person ones. So, bear with me.... its a winding road saga.

Relationships are "complicated", in the most whimsical and degradating situations. Like a Narcissist, Ballet demands the surrendering of your heart & soul. It uses your body until its broken and worn, possessing no further use as its original purpose. These statements are not general blankets, as regardless of where your at in this relationship, there's light if courage takes the forefront. Just because what the World deems to be the path to success and, "its the way its done," as well as the glorious matriarchal tradition of passing on abuse, the phrase, "I went through it, so will you, right or wrong its how I was taught."

Breathe, the first relief and sudden rush of oxygen flooding your lungs... and meet Ballet, as a vehicle of Expression and Athleticism. One of the most whimsical journeys one can experience. It is not a taskmaster waiting to strike, or an entity to be measured by. In this relationship you mix through trial and error, and let the process of learning run its full course. You can't rush the growth of an infant, nor should you, as sometimes the blossom that blooms the last, is the most beautiful of all.

Precision, Passion, Humility and Courage are encompassed and defined in two words, Mastery of Technique. Remember, the true definition of words. Chains remain in existence due to our ignorance, nor should they always remain because of their timeline.

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