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Remnant in your Career

How do we, being ourselves individually, and as a general society define not only words and truth, but a standard by which to live by. It would be easy to simply sit back, and as the popular phrase goes, "Just go with the Flow." We all embrace this in some form or another. It has no definition of character, no sense of passion or resilience, it just.... well there.

Being dancers, we are trained to do as we are told, dissecting right from wrong until we are raw & bleeding, and those words have evaporated from our heart and souls. And you now fit perfectly with the "robot society", that has defined all principals, moral ethics and common sense to jello..... like nailing jello to a wall. An artist, politician and athlete is only worldly successful to the degree of which they hold their heart. We no longer encourage "swimming up stream", in complete truth, but only what we have undefined it to be.

The remnant is that of one grain of sand, containing potency unrecognizable by society. As it is blue printed and defined in one Book, and displayed in the veins of leaves, depths of oceans and the grand architecture of mountains. As the remnant holds steadfast, even in moments of weakness, true resilience can never be broken by walls of concrete or society imposed laws.

Held by the strength of our backs, and courage of heart, will the remnant stand. In your field of choice, be the remnant.

Written by,

Caitlin Beale

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