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Sisters, Friends & Nightmares

We are each other’s worst nightmares, and yet on the very same coin, we are sisters. The bond of a sister is eternal, passionately exuberant (both negatively and positively). I remember when we shared a room, and at night (when we were supposedly asleep, sorry Mom & Dad). We would ask each other these 4 simple words, “are you asleep yet?” The return response was faithfully, “sigh yes…. Pause…. Are you?”

We were saying much more than 4 simple words, just like the arguments we had in practicing our duets, or the silent treatment backstage (artists tend to be slightly emotional lol).

A sister is steadfast, long suffering…. Even when the fog is as thick as Moms pea soup, you can smell it a mile away… just as you know the love of a sister is there. You can’t always see it, but you know its there and it exists hopefully recognizable by her sweet perfume, or the 3 week old laundry that lies on the floor…. You know she’s there.

Always remember the passions of your heart, they require consistent watering, even if you don’t see any visual growth, your likely growing a Chinese bamboo tree…. They don’t show growth for 5 years! And over the span of our life together, we’ve seen each other’s blossoms and weeds, sometimes lending a congratulatory hug (or text) and the encouraging sympathetic sister squeeze. Its similar to a hug…. Yet completely different, so don’t get it twisted!

From young girls singing out our feelings in the backyard, (oh and Ethan our dear brother was right there with us like a dirty shirt) luckily Sonja faithfully washed him off with the garden hose. To young women who vocally talk out our problems in the privacy of our homes or cars, we will always be those raggga-muffin girls perfecting our cooking skills in the great mud-pie delicacy. The growth of anything worth having in life is messy in the cleanest most ordered way. Mom has always said, “its organized cay ause,” but there is such beauty running through the entire process.

And today you’re here, on your wedding day as a partly finished work of art. As it is said throughout history, “Iron sharpens Iron,” you have completed phase 1. Now, you may think there’s only the Momma birds nest that you leave. I got bad news for you, there’s that sister nest, its unspoken, but boy does your sister let you know when you’ve crossed the line. And then, there are those 4 soft words escaping from our lips, “are you still awake?” and today and forever more, those 4 words become 7, “I love you, and I’m still here.”

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