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Invest or Not?

"How can you expect others to invest in you and your vision, if you yourself aren't willing to invest in it." I've heard this phrase before... honestly not sure if its origin, but until recently its depth was fantasy. Its one thing to have your parents spend on their child's dream. They hope its valued and sewn into good soil ..... often, its not. Yet the fertilizer is always in endless supply, deserved or not.

If we were parents to ourselves, (which I know is scientifically impossible!), would we be that steadfast in forgiveness to the eyes in the mirror? I wasn't for many years. Casting verdicts as Prosecutor & Judge.... never once acting the role of defence.

Well, today I invested in myself and one of the many dreams I have. And I always thought it would feel less rewarding.... that it would be like asking for a Medium rare steak, and finding out its shoe leather lol. But instead it was one of the most exhilarating feelings of my life! Whether it works out at this very moment or not is irrelevant.... although we all want to see our investments take flight, it can take years to see a speck of growth & return.

Don't ask another to believe in your dream until a faithful believer is made out of you.

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